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ACCA was born in 2019 ready to launch in 2020 when a number of like minded individuals looked for a solution for training and mentoring sports coaches to be able to provide solutions for combining the delivery of sports and mental health support for children in education and other intervention programmes as well as other vulnerable adults needing support.

We are a Community Interest Company set up to work with veterans who want a career in sports coaching and offer training and routes to employment and volunteering.

We are working with a number of supply chain partners who will support the programme and focus on specific elements.

Jim Prescott is CEO of this community interest company.

:: Services

ACCA is a provider of training for veterans who want a career in coaching that will become employment ready to deliver sports coaching,mental health support  and mentoring.

Veterans will at the end of a fast track program be employment ready and supported into employment and volunteering opportunities.

We will work with the education sector and other agencies to develop a program for delivering the benefits of sport and mental health support to benefit those in need.

With the unprecedented events that we are all going through we will extend our services where we can, to support others who want to join in a worthwhile opportunity to help both individuals and organisations who need support.

If you are interested in joining this vital journey please email accainfo@ballsportscoaching.co.uk

Project Delivery Partners

If you are interested in being a partner in this project please email accainfo@ballsportscoaching.co.uk